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  Towers Supply

The self-supporting towers are built on ground or on buildings,which inneed act as cantilever trusses in carring wind and seismic loads.These towers in general require less base area,which make them suitable for many locations.So most of which re self-supporting towers.

Steel towers in general are constructed using Open steel Lattice.This type of avoids the full width of structure to the wind but helps in light weight and stiff structure.The steel lattice is the most widespread form of construction which provides great strength, low wind resistance and economy in the use of materials,So most of the telecom towers are lattice structures.

Hi-Tech Telematics India Pvt Ltd offers the following Self Supporting Towers :-

1  Based on cross section of tower

  • Square Towers
  • Rectangular Towers
  • Triangular Towers
  • Delta Towers

2. Based on type of material sections

  • Angular Towers
  • Hybrid Towers (Legs tubes and bracings angles)

3. Based on placement of tower

  • Ground Based Towers
  • Roof Top Towers

Guyed Masts

A guyed mast is a mast that receives support from guy lines.

These towers are constructed in an equilateral triangular pattern with either steel pipe or solid steel legs and tubular or angle steel cross bracing with bolted construction.

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