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The company currently supplies Telecom towers to highly reputed Telecom companies, It provides complete range of solutions for cell site Preparation ,planning and Design through Operation and maintenance for Telecom Networks. It maintain's telecom networks based on Turnkey basis or work scope/ Activity Specific defined mode
Telecom Radio Frequency Engineering Services
  • Planning Tools
  • Network Optimization Tools
  • Network Optimization
  • Network Audit
Telecom Infrastructure Provisions
  • Leasing and Acquisition
  • Acquisition of Sites
  • Leasing of Facilities
  • Total Infrastructure
Telecom Project Management
  • Site Survey
  • Site Engineering (Structural Analysis of an existing building, layout design of equipment etc).
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities & Bill of Services.
  • Quality check on all items used in the project at site and at the Suppliers' Factory (at request by Operators).
  • Scheduling of supply of various equipment viz. Towers , Shelters, DG Sets, Air conditioners, Power supply systems etc.
  • Monitoring all the activities on daily basis and reporting through a MIS (including critical area and critical activity analysis.
  • Liaison with State Electricity Boards for obtaining required power
  • Obtaining of No Objection Certificate for setting up Cell Site.
  • Provision of Security at Site.
  • Documentation
Telecom Engineering Construction & Projects Services
  • Site Survey & Design
  • Civil Works
  • Tower Supply
  • Site Execution
  • Tower Erection & Painting
  • Electrical Works
  • Clearances/Permissions
  • Acceptance tests
  • Supply & Installation
  • Liasioning works for EB connections, municipal approvals
  • Earthing
  • Aviation Lamps
Telecom Operations And Maintenance

BTS Cell Site Maintenance

Tower Light: Checking of Tower Light, dismounting if faulty and mounting the repaired/new bulbs, holders
Feeder & power cables between RR station & Tower : Checking cables and couplings for breakage, loose fittings, other faults and replacing /rectifying the same
Antenna : Checking for any possible antenna faults, dismounting if faulty and mounting the repaired new antenna
Antenna Alignment : Checking for Antenna misalignment and correcting the same
Tower Nut/Bolts : Checking tower nuts, bolts etc. and replacing rusted/tightening any loose ones
Other Associated Works : It will include but not limited to tracing the fault location and cause of faults(if not one of the above) and rectifying the same. Further contractor is also required to remove insects, Bee hives, bird nest etc. from tower

Diesel Filling, Electricity Bill and Rent Payments

Deployment of Resources

Optical Fiber Cable (OFC
  • Maintenance Scope of Work for OFC Network Maintenance
  • Patrolling Preventive, OTDR reports & Corrective Maintenance Breakdown OFC Maintenance)
  • Breakdown OFC Maintenance
  • Deployment of O&M team
  • Deployment of FRT team
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