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  Radio Frequency Engineering Services

RF Optimization and Planning Tools

Hi-Tech Telematics India Pvt Ltd provides RF Engineering services for all wireless networks such as GSM networks, CDMA Networks.The team emphasis on using special Planning and Optimization Tools for best performance and further improve the state of work.


Hi-Tech Telematics India Pvt Ltd undertakes the following activities.

  • CW Drive Tests & Model Tuning
  • Nominal Cell Plan, using standard planning tools as TCPU and ASSET 3G for GSM and CDMA
  • RF Site Surveys of Search Area, selection of suitable site candidates and evaluation
  • Detailed RF Site Design including site configuration
  • Site parameters setting
  • Frequency planning
  • Continuing Post-launch optimization to ensure optimum level performance of the network.
  • Comparative Drive Tests to benchmark your network against competition.
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