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  Quality Management

Quality our's and client's Choice.

  • Beleive in true quality supply and products
  • Clients requirement is the first concern
  • Achieve higher standards
  • Focus on exact issue.
  • Commit and stand for commitments.
  • Make people stand one ground for views and issue points.
  • Proper qualification and Training.
  • Validate processes.
  • Make proper record history .
Be Best ,Do Best

Hi-Tech Telematics believes in top quality management which indeed requires commitment and determination to implement so the quality and cost are prior considered.

Top Management commitment

Hi-Tech as its own policy which we safeguard and every Employee ensures it.we always ensure the resources required for quality supply and installation of the product.we always tend to create an environment which encouages our people.

Develop Quality Management System

The documentation procedures and records are well upto date.The quality control,assurance and quality improvements are well documented.The company considers Quality management is focused not only on product quality, but also the means to achieve it. So we therefore use quality assurance and control of processes as well as products to achieve more consistent quality.
The management determines the quality policy, objectives and responsibilities before the team implements them by means such as quality control and quality improvements of the system.
The Hi-tech is now focusing on Quality Management System which can be defined as a set of policies, processes and procedures required for planning and execution in the business area of the company.
The company applies Quality control to all forms of products and services. We always think of rules “fit for purpose” and “do it right the first time”.The company's Quality Assurance is planned to provide enough confidence that a product or service will satisfy the given requirements for quality.

Supply and Installation Quality

The towers supplied and installed by the company meet the International standards.All the towers supplied for the company are validated by the Indian Institute of Technology and Structural Engineering Research Centre.

Vendor Quality

All the third party work done for the Hi-tech (ie subcontractors or Outsourced service ) as seen to that they meet the quality standards

Total Quality System

Integrate with global organizations and their infrastructure so that they can work in partnership for Telecom Networking.

End-to-End service quality which supports service to Telecom networking using real time impact.



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